Sales representatives need the right leads to be successful. And, increasingly, businesses are turning to automation to help distribute those leads.

Automated lead distribution can ensure that leads are delivered to the right sales representative based on geography, products, services, or interests. If done correctly, sales representatives will save time, and your automation will ensure that leads are contacted as quickly as possible so that your team increases their close rate.

You can easily set up automated lead distribution for your business by following the steps outlined below. Continue reading to learn how to automate lead distribution and how you can set it up for your business.

The first step is to decide which leads should be distributed automatically. To do this, you’ll need to segment your leads into different categories.

Once you’ve segmented your leads, you can set up rules for each type. For example, you might have a rule that says all leads from a specific state, county, or even postal code should be sent to sales representative A, while all leads from another state, county, or postal code should be sent to sales representative B.

Once you’ve established your rules, the next step is to choose a lead distribution method.

Different options are available, including email notifications, SMS, and webhooks. Email and SMS notifications are typically the simplest option and can be easily set up in most CRM systems. Webhooks are more advanced options and may require some development work to set up.

If you are using a CRM, it is highly recommended that lead assignment automation is considered during this process as well.

Next, you’ll need to test your lead distribution system to ensure it’s working correctly. The best way to do this is to send a few test leads through the system and see how they’re distributed.

Once you’ve confirmed that the system is working as expected, please turn on the system. Your lead distribution will run automatically in the background, delivering leads to the right sales representatives as they come in.

The benefits of automated lead distribution are clear:

  • Time savings for sales representatives.
  • Clarity on who is responsible for a lead.
  • Faster follow-up with potential customers.
  • Increased close rates.

With some planning, you can take the guesswork out of lead distribution and give your sales team the best chance of success.

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