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You are most likely reading this page because you are experiencing one of the following issues:

  • You have sent emails in the past, but the results were underwhelming, and you would like to try a new approach.
  • You value the potential of email marketing, but you are having trouble getting it done.
  • You have had technical problems delivering your emails and achieving a healthy open rate.

Cleartail Marketing can help!

We provide professional email marketing services where we write, design, and deliver email marketing campaigns to help our clients win new customers and increase sales with current accounts.

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Name:James Darnell
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What types of email marketing strategies are there?


Email Newsletter

An Email Newsletter is a great way to educate current and potential customers who have subscribed to your list. Our research shows that customers who receive newsletters purchase 3-4 times more than those who do not receive these emails. We often hear that our client’s customers were unaware of additional product or service offerings until they began receiving email newsletters, which stimulated more sales.


Cold Email Outreach

Cold Email is when you target potential customers to engage them for the first time via email. This email strategy is only legal in certain countries and must be handled with great care to comply with local laws. If done correctly, cold email outreach can be an incredibly effective way to expose target buyers to your offerings and acquire new customers.


Brand Story Emails

Some of the best email marketing campaigns connect with their audience on an emotional level through brand storytelling. Implementing a story about how your business came to be or the unique passion that drives your mission daily is an excellent way to build a deeper connection with your audience. Make your brand more memorable and relatable personally with brand story emails.


Welcome Emails

Welcome Emails are an excellent opportunity to welcome new contacts to your branded content, let them know how great your business is, and set expectations of how you will communicate with them via email moving forward.


Video Emails

Video Email marketing delivers much higher engagement than standard emails. If done correctly, video content paired with email marketing will drastically increase engagement and lead to more sales opportunities. It is important to only ad an image thumbnail that links to a video outside the email because your delivery rates will be much lower if you attempt to add a video in the email. It is important to have an overall video content strategy that you can use in your emails and other marketing channels.


Review Request Emails

Review Request emails are an excellent way to thank your customers for their business and ask them how their experience was. This method of email marketing can increase loyalty and collect important customer feedback at the same time. If a customer is happy, you can encourage them to publish a positive review of their experience on a public platform like Google or Facebook to showcase how great it is to do business with your company. When a negative experience occurs, this is an excellent opportunity to learn how your business can improve and win back a customer.


Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead nurturing emails can be a very powerful strategy to reduce the time it takes for a potential customer to make a transaction. The goal is to deliver email content at the right time during a customer’s buyer journey to communicate why your products and services are the best solution for their needs and educate them further on your brand. These email nurture sequences can be completely automated and are best initiated after a potential customer subscribes to your email list after expressing interest in a specific solution your business offers.


Sponsorship Emails

Sponsorship emails involve paying publishers to deliver your email content to a target group of potential customers that are not yet subscribed to your email list. Opportunities to pay a publisher to deliver your content can range from working with a small niche publisher to massive and well-known publishers. These campaigns can be incredibly effective when executed correctly.


Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are sent after a customer takes action to sign up for an in-person event, an online event or makes a transaction with your business. At this moment, many companies miss opportunities to upsell their new contact with additional offerings or build a deeper relationship with their new subscriber. This strategy is a beautiful way to take digital communication to the next level.


Re-Engagement Emails

Keeping an email subscriber list engaged with your email marketing is critical for maintaining a positive sender reputation. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) monitor if individuals are opening or replying to your emails. If they go too long without engaging, yet your business continues to send them emails, this can harm your sending reputation. When subscribers become unengaged with your email marketing, it is crucial to add them to a re-engagement campaign to understand if they are still interested in receiving email content from your business. If the subscriber opens and replies to your request for feedback, they are now aware of your brand again, and internet service providers will reward your email-sending reputation. If a contact is unengaged for an extended period, it is best to unsubscribe that contact from your email marketing list.

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Which email marketing strategies deliver the best results?

The best email marketing strategy entirely depends on what type of business you have. In general, all brands should send a regular newsletter to educate their current and potential customers about their products and services and remind them that their business is available to help them with their needs. For more targeted email marketing strategies like the options listed on this page, some are better suited for business-to-business companies, and others perform better with business-to-consumer marketing brands. Please review our process below to understand how we make a recommendation.

Our Process to get our clients started
with email newsletter

We highly recommend starting with a monthly or weekly email newsletter and then expanding to more email marketing strategies once this campaign is in place.

kickoff call

  • We will have an in-depth discussion to understand everything about your target buyer, your brand, and the products/services you would like to promote with email marketing.
  • We will also walk you through the setup schedule and run through a list of items we will need approval for during the setup to send your first email marketing campaign. The setup usually takes 14 days to get the first email delivered to your contact list.

Clean up your list and organize your data

  • We ask for a data dump of all your email contacts and any additional data that might be helpful when segmenting your lists by purchase history, expressed interests, and anything else you have on file.
  • Accurate email contact segmentation can be beneficial when executing more advanced email marketing strategies, and we want to ensure we set everything up correctly. Hence, there are no obstacles when you scale your email marketing campaigns.

upload your contact list

  • We will then upload your contact list to an email sender of your choosing like SharpSpring, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, or any other software you might prefer. Make sure to ask us about the software discounts we provide to all of our clients.

deliver the draft For Approval

  • We will then deliver the first written draft of your email newsletter for your review.

prep your email for a test delivery

  • Once we receive the written draft’s approval, we will have our professional team of designers and programmers prep your email for a test delivery to your inbox.

Schedule Email delivery

  • After we receive approval for the test email sent, we will discuss the date and time of delivery for your email newsletter to be distributed to your contact list.

Monthly Phone Call

Each month we schedule a phone call to discuss the following:

  • Results from the latest email newsletter like open rate, click-through rate, and any unsubscribes and hard bounces.
  • We ensure that any questions you have are answered and all concerns addressed.
  • We then discuss topics for the following email newsletter and get to work immediately.
  • In general, we like to work two months ahead of schedule so that if anyone takes a vacation or is unavailable, we can continuously deliver email newsletter content to your list without missing a beat.

What is included in an email marketing service?


Email Design

Our professional graphic designers will deliver a clean and engaging design that perfectly represents your brand while positioning the written content to be easy to read and understand the value proposition your business is offering.


Email Optimization

After every email sent, we analyze every data point to understand what needs to be improved and continue to ensure that we are constantly improving your email campaigns to achieve the highest possible engagement.


Email A/B Testing

We take testing very seriously, and an easy way to learn more about how your contact list would like to be communicated with is via A/B email testing. With this method, we can quickly try out multiple designs, subject lines, and entirely different email topics to collect a deeper understanding of what will perform best with your current and potential customers.


Email Marketing Software

We always set up an email marketing software of your choice to maintain your contact database and distribute all your email newsletters. We have delivered client email campaigns via almost every email marketing software available. We can guide you through which is best for your business depending on your goals, your business type, and the available budget. If you already have software in place, that is great; we can work with you on that platform if it meets our standards of delivery reputation.

Why invest in email marketing?

For many years, marketers have been predicting the end of email marketing, but email continues to dominate all other marketing channels.

Email marketing is the most profitable marketing strategy on the planet and cannot be ignored by any business serious about growing. Frequently, we hear the opinion, “I don’t like to receive emails, and I’m sure my customers feel the same way” this is one example where I would recommend that you do not base your decisions on a gut feeling. Numerous studies have proven email marketing is still a dominant marketing channel to stimulate growth in sales and improve brand recognition. In our experience, we consistently see customers receiving a regular email newsletter purchase 3-4 times more than customers not receiving emails. It is a requirement for your digital marketing strategy.

What sets us apart from the competition?


We Have A Long History of Email Marketing

Since 2014 Cleartail Marketing has managed thousands of email marketing campaigns, and we have the experience to deliver highly engaging content and keep your sender reputation safe. Cleartail Marketing is always up to date on email marketing laws, and we ensure that all our clients comply. Our database management experience will give you the expertise you need to maintain a clean and constantly growing email contact list critical to your growth. We understand the importance of ensuring every email contact is handled with care and attached to the correct data points. Your business gets the most value possible from your email marketing campaigns.


We Are Part of Your Team

We strive to understand your business as an in-house employee does. We go deep into clients’ businesses to ensure we target the right potential customers with the best messaging possible. We must understand all of the problems your potential customers are facing when considering your products or services so that we can deliver messaging that clearly explains why your business is the best solution.


Clear Communication and Reporting

We communicate clearly. Since 2014, we have been perfecting our email marketing reporting to be transparent and straightforward to understand. Our clients clearly understand how their email campaigns perform, and they are confident in our actions to achieve optimal performance.


We Are A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

If any additional digital assets are required for your email marketing campaigns, we are here for you! We can do it all! Most of our competitors are only focused on managing email marketing campaigns, and then they push work back to their clients when they fall short of a skill set. We know our clients are busy, and they rely on us to get things done. For this reason, we have spent years creating an incredible team of professional designers, writers, web developers, marketing automation pros, and CRM experts to ensure we can deliver on all your digital marketing needs.

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