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You are probably reading this page because you are experiencing some issues with your online reputation:

  • You have negative online customer reviews on Google, Facebook, or another platform, and you don’t know what to do about it.
  • You previously had an excellent online reputation, but your overall rating has slipped to 3-Stars or below; and you need to fix this quickly, but you are not sure how to do it.
  • You don’t have any online customer reviews, but you would like to achieve a 5-Star rating to build trust and win more customers.

Cleartail Marketing can help! These are precisely the types of issues that we help our clients solve every day!

Proven Examples

Here are a few of our client’s results when leveraging our Reputation Management services:

Track Loader Parts
Lashley Kubota

Our Reputation Management Services


Online Reputation Repair

We first analyze the issues with your business’s online reputation and then organize a plan to improve your online presence quickly. Once the plan is solidified, we immediately get to work and execute every step to ensure all potential customers who discover your business online will only have a positive impression before contacting your business.


Review Solicitation

One of the best ways to improve your online reputation is to ask your best customers to write positive reviews online that represent your business in the way you deserve. We set up a process to make this happen monthly, weekly, or daily depending on your preference.


Business Listing Distribution

Maintaining the correct contact information for your business across all online directories is daunting for any business owner. At Cleartail Marketing, we have a process to automate the distribution of your business contact information to over 300 online business directories to ensure that any potential customer that stumbles upon a directory has the information they need to contact you.


Review Response Management

Cleartail Marketing responds to positive and negative reviews as soon as a customer posts online. Happy customers love to receive a reply from the business to confirm that their positive experience has been heard. It is essential to reply and invite their business back as soon as possible to show that your company values them. It is also crucial to respond quickly to negative reviews, which can be a sensitive action and must be handled correctly to take the conversation offline and win back their business. We run this entire process on behalf of your business to ensure timely responses are handled with care.


Remove Negative Reviews

Sometimes, negative reviews violate platform policies and can be flagged for removal. Our reputation management service will immediately report any reviews in violation and make a case to have the review removed from the platform where the review in violation was posted.


Review Monitoring

Knowing when customer reviews are posted is incredibly important for quickly resolving customer issues highlighted in negative reviews and thanking customers for their positive reviews to show you value their business. At Cleartail Marketing, we set up a process to send notifications to your team as soon as reviews are published online. We can also write the replies if you need this support as well.


Google My Business Reviews

Google My Business recommendations are one of the most important ways potential customers discover your business. At Cleartail Marketing, we make sure that we help your business achieve a standout reputation within your Google My Business profile to give you the best opportunity to convert customers that find your information within a Google Search.


Facebook Customer Reviews

Facebook is an incredibly powerful social platform where many potential customers visit your business profile to research what other customers think about your brand, products, or services. Cleartail Marketing has a proven system to help your business get your best customers to write positive reviews on your Facebook business page.

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Why Invest In Reputation Management?

Online reputation is the first thing all potential customers will look at before contacting your business. Anything that negatively represents your business could be immediately handing your competitors valuable accounts for years to come. If you are interested in growing your business, it is important to ensure your online reputation only has positive things to say about it.

At Cleartail Marketing, we understand that reputation is one of the keys to building trust. We have developed a process to ensure your business reputation delivers the first impression you deserve!

Reputation Management Software

To manage your reputation online, it is important to have a software solution that can coordinate the entire process.

At Cleartail Marketing, we set up all our clients with reputation management software that monitors all reviews and business listing information as soon as they are published. Within our software, we also can reply across multiple platforms so that you can avoid the headache of logging in to multiple platforms to post a response to your valuable customers. We also can showcase your best reviews with a widget that can be curated and then published on your company website.

What sets us apart from others?


We Have The Experience You Need

Since 2014 Cleartail Marketing has managed hundreds of online business reputations with great success. A wide variety of challenges go into achieving an exceptional online reputation, and we have worked through them. Reputation Management strategies are constantly evolving, and we prioritize staying up to date to improve our process to deliver a cutting-edge solution that helps our clients outperform their competition to have the best online reputation possible. We understand the importance of providing a great first impression to potential customers that find your business online for the first time. It is a make-or-break moment to win new business. Not only will we help you achieve an excellent reputation, but we will maintain it for years to come.


Excellent Communication and Account Management

Our reputation management campaigns are managed by an experienced account manager who will be your guide as we improve and maintain an excellent online reputation for your business. We make sure to check in with a regular phone call to discuss the progress of your campaign and highlight the work we are doing to ensure we achieve the goals we set out to reach. A positive online presence is one of the keys to winning new customers, and we take this responsibility very seriously.


Transparent Reporting

We provide access to a dedicated portal that delivers real-time reporting for all your online reviews, business listings, and review solicitation campaigns. Our process delivers a clear picture of what is going on with your online reputation and what our team is working on to deliver the ideal first impression potential customers see when discovering your business.

Our Process

We have a kickoff call to accomplish the following:

  • Immediately claim and correct Google My Business and other primary business listings.
  • We then establish a weekly or monthly process to collect customer emails or cell phone numbers that we will use to request reviews on sites like Google My Business, Facebook, etc…

Ongoing business listing work

  • We work towards updating 300+ online business directories with your correct business information so that anyone who finds your business online knows how to reach you.
  • We monitor all your listings 24 hours per day, and if a 3rd party updates one of your listings with incorrect information, we will immediately submit the correct information.

Review solicitations and responses

  • We will send review requests to your customers weekly or monthly and notify you as soon as you receive a customer review.
  • Depending on your level of service, we will also reply to all publicly posted customer reviews with a written comment.


  • We deliver monthly reports highlighting all customer reviews and business listing progress made during the previous month.
  • We also send real-time notifications as reviews are posted and listing updates are made.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is online reputation management?

Reputation Management is the process of curating the first online impression for potential customers to see when evaluating if they will contact your business to make a transaction. Many successful companies have poor online reputations because a few disgruntled customers are motivated to go online and take negative action against their business, which is not a true reflection of what most customers are experiencing. It is essential to set up a process to encourage your happy customers to share their excellent experiences online so potential customers can understand what it is like to transact with your business. In addition, to achieving a positive sentiment online, reputation management also involves distributing accurate contact information about your business through hundreds of online directories to ensure potential customers know how to reach you.

How much does online reputation management cost?

Does reputation management improve SEO?

Why should a business have a reputation management policy?

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