It’s essential to identify which leads are sales-ready and prioritize these leads. Lead scoring tracks potential customers’ digital behavior and applies a point system to determine which leads are ready for a sale.

This strategy allows businesses to prioritize their time by focusing on the leads with the highest chance of converting into paying customers. The higher the lead score, the higher the probability they will buy from you. Continue reading to learn how lead scoring works and how you can use it to your advantage!

What types of digital behavior can be tracked and scored?

There are a variety of behaviors that can be tracked and scored, such as:
  • – Website visits
  • – Downloads
  • – Form submissions
  • – Email clicks and opens
  • – Social media interactions
  • – Media view
  • – Purchases
  • – Customer satisfaction scores

What types of offline data can be used with lead scoring?

In addition to digital behavior, offline data can also be used in lead scoring. This includes data such as:
  • – Job title
  • – Company size
  • – Industry verticals
  • – Geography/location
  • – Offline purchases
  • – Offline surveys

Offline behavior and data can be leveraged if processes are in place to make this data available to your marketing automation system.

How is a lead score applied?

Each behavior is given a certain number of points. For example, if a potential customer visits an important product or service page, they can be given a set number of points for that action.

The more score actions they take, the higher their score becomes. The total score for each lead is the sum of all the points they’ve earned from their behaviors. The lead score is then used to prioritize leads, with the highest-scoring leads being the most sales-ready.

How are scored leads distributed to the sales team?

The distribution of scored leads to the sales team can be done in a few different ways, such as:
  • – Automatically sending the highest-scoring leads to sales
  • – Sending all lead scores to sales and letting them prioritize
  • – Setting up rules so that only leads above a specific score are sent to sales

Is a contact form submission lead more valuable than a highly scored lead?

Contact form submission leads are when potential customers fill out a form on your website to sign up for a newsletter or to request more information about your product or service. Generally, a contact form submission lead is when someone asks to purchase a product or service and should be prioritized. When businesses experience a high volume of form submissions geared towards information-gathering questions, the highest-scored leads that have submitted a question via a form submission should be prioritized.

Is lead scoring only valuable to large businesses?

Lead scoring can be valuable to businesses of all sizes. Small businesses may find lead scoring especially beneficial as it allows them to prioritize their time and focus on the leads that are more likely to convert into paying customers.

How often should lead score strategies be reviewed?

Lead score strategies should be updated regularly, at least weekly or monthly, depending on the sales process.

Dedicating time to improve the lead scoring process will help you to see which behaviors are most predictive of conversion and make changes to your point values accordingly. It also allows you to ensure that your system functions properly and that leads are distributed correctly.

Are there any disadvantages to lead scoring?

  • – It can be time-consuming
  • – The success of your scoring system depends heavily on the team’s effort to improve their lead scoring system.

Lead scoring is a critical strategy for any business that wants to increase sales and ROI. By tracking digital behavior and applying a point system, companies can identify which leads are ready for a sale.

This strategy allows businesses to prioritize their time by focusing on the leads with the highest chance of converting into paying customers. The higher the lead score, the better odds that they are sales-ready. Use lead scoring to your advantage today!

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