Notice to the Public: Beware of Fraudulent Job Offers

May 26, 2024
By Magee Clegg

It has come to our attention that individuals are impersonating Cleartail Marketing to promote fraudulent job offers through messaging platforms such as Viber and Telegram and other messaging apps. These scammers are falsely claiming to have an official Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) registration in the Philippines and offering fake part-time work-from-home job opportunities.

What You Need to Know:

Impersonation Details:
Name Used: Angela Garcia HR, They are also using additional names that are continually being created.
Contact Number: +63 910 849 6507, other numbers are being used and created as well.
Platforms: Viber, Telegram, and other messaging apps.

Nature of the Scam:
These scammers are contacting individuals and offering them fake job opportunities, including tasks such as liking product pages on Shopee Mall for a promised payment. They falsely claim to be affiliated with Cleartail Marketing and to have an official DTI registration. There could be other tasks and part-time offers that we are not yet aware of.

Important Reminders:
• Cleartail Marketing does NOT conduct any recruitment or business activities through Viber or Telegram or messaging apps.
• We do NOT ask for personal information or offer job opportunities through these platforms.
• Always verify the authenticity of any communication you receive by reaching out to our official channels.

Cleartail Marketing’s Official Channels:
Email: [email protected]

What to Do If You Are Contacted:
1. Do Not Engage: If you receive a message claiming to be from Cleartail Marketing offering a job opportunity, do not respond or click on any links.
2. Report the Scam: Use the in-app reporting features on Viber and Telegram or the messaging app they are engaging you on to report the scam. You can also contact Viber’s or Telegram’s support team through their support page.
3. Block the Sender: Block the contact to prevent further messages.
4. Notify Authorities: Report the scam to local law enforcement or cybercrime authorities in the Philippines.

How to Contact Us:
If you have any concerns or need further information, please reach out to us through our official website or email. We are committed to protecting our community from fraudulent activities and appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a safe and trustworthy environment.

Email: [email protected]

Additionally, we only post job opportunities on our website and through legal job posting platforms. Cleartail Marketing does not reach out to candidates out of the blue without prior interaction or communication with you about a job you did not apply for.

Fake job scams are becoming more common, and they prey on vulnerable job seekers. Cleartail Marketing takes this matter seriously and advises the public to exercise caution and vigilance when receiving such offers.

You can protect yourself from these false job ads and offers by identifying a fake job scam:

  1. Verify the Source: Check that the communication is from an official email address or verified account. Search the company’s website or social media accounts and look for inconsistencies or discrepancies in the contact information provided in the fake job offer.
  2. Beware Of Offers That Are Too Good to Be True: Scammers may promise immediate employment without any formal interviews or excessively high pay for a minimal effort. If the offer seems too good to be true, maintain a healthy dose of skepticism and remember that legitimate opportunities typically require effort, qualifications, and realistic expectations.
  3. Check Language Quality: Fake job offers often exhibit grammatical mistakes, awkward sentence structures, and misspelled words. Such errors lack professionalism and attention to detail, traits that are typically not associated with reputable companies.
  4. Do Not Fall for Requests for Sensitive Information: Be wary when asked to provide sensitive information, such as bank account details, passport numbers, or copies of identification documents. People with malicious intentions can use these for financial fraud, identity theft, and other forms of exploitation. Legitimate companies prioritize data security and privacy by establishing procedures for the collection of applicant information.

Stay vigilant, and thank you for your continued support.


The Cleartail Marketing Team

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