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Marketing automation is an excellent way to track digital interactions with your customers, automate email communication, segment contacts based on interests or purchase history, compile data for reports, deliver leads to sales teams, and so much more.

At Cleartail Marketing, our clients count on our expertise and development resources to implement their marketing automation strategy.

You are probably reading this page because you have encountered one of the following:

  • You are interested in implementing a marketing automation solution, but you are not how to get started.
  • You have previously implemented a marketing automation solution, but it was not set up correctly and you wasted a lot of money on software licenses.
  • You currently are using a marketing automation software that is working well, but you feel like your business is not taking full advantage of its capabilities.

Cleartail Marketing can help! We work with a lot of businesses just like yours to implement marketing automation solutions that fit their needs!

What does a marketing automation tool do?

Email Automation

Send email sequences automatically triggered by a current or potential customer’s digital behavior, expressed interests, or purchases.

Lead Distribution

Deliver lead notifications to specific sales representatives based on geography, products, services, or interests.

Lead Scoring

Track potential customers’ digital behavior and apply a point system that identifies which leads are sales-ready. High-scoring leads are the best to proactively reach out to.

Social Media Content Publishing

Schedule all of your social media posts across major platforms from one simple publishing tool. Schedule content months in advance and adjust along the way.

Blog Post Scheduling

Manage and schedule your blog content from one calendar alongside your emails and social postings all in one software.

Email Newsletters

Write, design, develop and distribute your email newsletters to all of your targeted email contact lists.

List Segmentation

Automatically build email contact lists based on interests, specific web page visits, form submissions, purchase history, social media interactions, and much more.

Website Analytics

Collect data for traffic sources, unique visitor volume, page visits, top-performing web pages, top referring URLs, bounce rate, and more.

Campaign Tracking

Identify where every lead originates from. Create custom campaign tracking to attach primary and secondary campaigns to all leads collected.

End-to-End Campaign ROI

Identify your return on investment for each campaign. Track from cost per lead to revenue generated in order to make sure you are getting the return you need to grow your business.

CRM Integration

Pull through campaign data to any cloud-based CRM to connect your sales to your marketing. Push leads into your CRM and automatically assign the appropriate salesperson in real-time.

Workflow Automation

Automate tasks to send drip email campaigns, assign leads, create reminders, segment leads, activate retargeting ad audiences, create sales opportunities, update data fields, and much more. Start with the goal and build out simple or sophisticated long-term automation to get what you need to be done without human error.

Chatbot Automation

Engage with website visitors automatically to collect their contact information, identify their interests and distribute leads to the appropriate salesperson.

Retargeting Display Advertisement

Track website visitors then automatically segment audiences to following potential customers around the internet with target images or videos that will encourage them to return to your website and make a purchase.

Media Asset Tracking

Create unique URLs for media assets to then identify which leads are engaging with your media then activate automated workflows to move them into sequences based on their digital behavior.

Identify Website Visitors

Identify businesses interested in your products or services with reverse IP lookup. It is also possible to identify website visitors by name and email address if they engage with your digital marketing correctly. Know when important prospects come and go from your website in real-time.

Build and Publish Landing Pages

Without spending money on developers launch beautiful landing pages with a drag and drop builder. Get landing page assets for your campaigns up and running within minutes.

Build and Stylize Forms

Use a drag and drop building to create forms that will match the style of your website. Integrate your forms directly into your contact database, track the campaigns form submissions came from, and trigger workflow automation as soon as a lead submits their data.

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What sets us apart from others?

We Have The Experience You Need

Since 2014 Cleartail Marketing has implemented hundreds of Marketing Automation software setups and managed thousands of campaigns leveraging this technology for our clients. We have come face to face with a lot of challenges along the way that we have successfully guided our clients through, this technology is always evolving and this is why we are continuously educating ourselves on best practices and addon technologies in order to place our client’s campaigns above their competition.

A Platinum SharpSpring Partner

SharpSpring, a Constant Contact company, has honored Cleartail Marketing by recognizing our agency as a Platinum Partner of SharpSpring. This means that Cleartail Marketing is one of the premier implementation partners in the entire world and we clearly have been through the gauntlet to prove our expertise and deliver numerous successful implementations for our clients.

We Are Part of Your Team

In order to be successful with a marketing automation setup, it is required that we understand your marketing goals just like an in-house employee would. Marketing automation software is a large investment and we take this responsibility very seriously. With all custom implementations, we take our time to make sure that we have a plan that will meet your unique needs and goals as a business then we take you to that destination as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Excellent Communication, Support, and Training

Since 2014, Cleartail Marketing has perfected our implementation process to ensure that every step is clearly understood by our clients and all expectations are clear. After the implementation is complete, we support all of our client’s users with a customer support team that is available to answer any questions that arise as well as train your users to further improve their understanding of the marketing automation tool. We will always be there and pride ourselves on our quick response times.

We Are A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Many of our competitors are only focused on doing a technology setup, but we go above and beyond if you need help with managing marketing campaigns. At Cleartail Marketing, we have professional designers, writers, web developers, marketing automation pros, and CRM experts to take your campaigns to the next level. Our expertise goes beyond the technical setup of the software, we can assist you with any marketing needs that your company might have.

Why Invest In Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation will drastically reduce your organization’s labor costs that are currently required to manage and track your marketing campaigns.

Not only will your business save money, but implementing marketing automation technology will also optimize your marketing efforts and help you identify which campaigns are actually delivering a healthy return on your investment. Every industry is opening its eyes to the power of marketing automation and if you want your business to compete with the best, you must invest in a marketing automation tool.

Our Process

We have a kickoff call to discuss the following

  • On our first call, we will conduct a deep dive into your goals for your marketing automation implementation.
  • We will then make recommendations for where to focus first and then discuss best practices for implementing marketing automation software into your digital marketing efforts.
  • We will also review a general timeline for the implementation and make adjustments to the schedule based on your primary objectives.

Implementation Phase

  • Based on our kickoff discussion, we will set the timeline for full implementation, which generally takes two to four weeks depending on the complexity of the setup.
  • We will hold weekly video calls to make sure everything is moving along as planned, but the total investment of time required by you and your team will just be the phone calls during the setup process.


  • Once the technology setup is completed will move into the training phase to get all of your users ready to take advantage of your new marketing automation software.

On Going Customer Support, Training, and Monthly Check-ins

  • Upon completion of the training phase your team will have full access to our customer support channel to answer any technical questions that they might have.
  • We will also schedule a monthly check-in to ensure you are aware of any new software features as well as share and discuss your goals to expand your marketing automation strategies to help grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a marketing automation tool?

It is a software package that helps businesses automatically communicate, assign tasks, distribute leads, collect and analyze marketing data, and much more. The use of marketing automation by businesses is skyrocketing and if a business is serious about marketing with the best in their industry, leveraging a marketing automation tool is essential.

Depending on the type of marketing automation software package that a business chooses to use, the range in monthly subscriptions can be under $100 per month or thousands of dollars per month. All software businesses are different in their approach to pricing, but a common element that dictates pricing is the size of a contact database.

A common practice for many businesses is to add a QR code to their printed materials which then leads potential customers to a unique URL that is tied to a campaign set up within their marketing automation software. If someone visits your website from the QR code and submits their contact information via the website, they will be linked to that print campaign.

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